Sarianne Durie stained glass
Wheel of Life

I work mostly in a traditional manner that has changed little over the last thousand years.

Using handmade coloured glass cut to my drawing, I paint and fire each piece individually, adding detail, shading and texture, or colour with enamels.

On some windows I may have areas quite clear, leaving only colours of the glass, I also use sandblasting, acid etching, bevelling; the possibilities are endless. The glass is then laid out, leaded together, soldered and cemented to create the finished piece.

Panels can be contemporary or traditional, represent a scene or be an abstract study in colour; the scale can be large or small; the ideas may be subtle bold, commemorative or symbolic.

I have been designing and making stained glass for over twenty five years. When working on a commission, I enjoy responding to each client's particular ideas. Landscape and trees often influence my drawings; I like to include references that provide a link with the natural world. Whether abstract or interpretative, for me each panel has an organic quality and an aesthetic integrity.

The art of stained glass was developed in Europe over ten centuries ago. Wonderful coloured and painted windows in churches told stories and acted as memorials to saints and benefactors.

Today stained windows can frame a view, give focus to a space, create a vista or eclipse an eyesore. Screens may be used to bring colour and light into a space, or make a private retreat cut off from the outside world.

Whatever its purpose a work of art in glass is unique and inimitable.

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